Introducing an innovative non-invasive radiation and contact free imaging system.By capturing infrared images of the body, sports thermography can provide valuable information pertaining to key data points, muscle activity, injury, circulation, and inflammation amongst many other things.This technology is utilized not only by athletes and sports professionals but anyone whose profession emphasizes the importance of Human Performance. This is to monitor and prevent possibly injury, optimize performance, track and assess the recovery process and develop a return to play program.By identifying areas of potential concern through our innovative technology- this technique helps to make informed decisions about training, recovery, and injury prevention.

Why do it?

This imaging technique is a pioneer in the most sophisticated technology available on the market today to retrieve important information on key data points in real time optimizing human performance

Who can do it?

Research institutions: Researchers in sports science and biomechanics can use thermography to study the effects of different training methods, equipment, and environmental conditions on athletes' performance and injury risk. This research can contribute to the development of evidence-based practices in sports.

Sports teams organizations and Sports Medical Professionals : Can incorporate thermography into their injury prevention and management strategies to optimize athletes' health and performance. By proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, teams can reduce the likelihood of injuries and improve overall team performance and this in return saves them money.

Fitness enthusiasts: Individuals who engage in regular physical activity or fitness training can also benefit from thermography by monitoring their body's response to exercise, identifying areas of muscle fatigue or strain, and adjusting their workout routines to prevent injuries and optimize performance.

What do you get?

A qualified thermography specialist to perform your scan to the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism, a report detailing points of interest which in turn saves your team money by potentially preventing and treating injury, helping to ensure optimal human performance and player health.


Thermography tests can save money for your athletes' team by providing valuable insights into their physiological condition and helping to optimize their training programs and performance. By using thermography to monitor athletes' thermoregulation, you can identify areas of excessive heat or cold, which may indicate potential issues such as muscle strain, inflammation, or poor circulation.


Detecting these early signs of injury or imbalance can help prevent more serious injuries that could lead to costly medical treatments or prolonged recovery periods.

Additionally, thermography can be used to assess athletes' recovery processes by measuring changes in skin temperature and blood flow after exercise or injury. This information can help you tailor post-training recovery strategies to enhance athletes' recovery times and reduce the risk of overtraining or burnout, ultimately saving money by minimizing the need for expensive medical interventions or extended rest periods.

Furthermore, by using thermography to track athletes' progress and performance over time, you can optimize their training regimens and identify areas for improvement, leading to more efficient and effective training programs. This targeted approach can help athletes reach their peak performance levels more quickly and consistently, reducing the likelihood of setbacks or plateaus that could result in wasted time and resources. Overall, incorporating human thermography tests into your athletes' team's training and monitoring protocols can lead to cost savings by promoting injury prevention, optimizing performance, and enhancing overall well-being.