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Hyperbaric Chamber ATLANTIS - 2 Person

Hyperbaric Chamber ATLANTIS - 2 Person

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Share your wellness time and breathe pure oxygen together. Experience the profound health benefits of breathing pure oxygen through the Built-In Breathing System (BIBS) – regulated by the tempo of your breath. This system helps both people receive the optimal level of oxygen for the most effective results with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

With an external control panel to pressure adjustments, monitor vital information, maintain clear communication with your patient, and control every aspect of the chamber with confidence. Be prepared for any situation with manual overrides and an emergency stop button. Take control of patient well-being and elevate your hyperbaric therapy experience.
Take charge of your hyperbaric experience with the intuitive internal control panel. Adjust pressure, time, and settings, all while monitoring key information on the built-in displays. You’re always in communication with the outside, all commands are mirrored for outside and inside user control.
This chamber is equipped with advanced monitoring sensors to track, monitor and control essential parameters during the therapy session. These monitoring capabilities allow healthcare providers to closely observe the patient’s response, adjust treatment if necessary, and assess the overall progress of the therapy.

Ergonomic seating

Experience maximum comfort

Tailored to your body’s physiology, the ergonomic seats reduce pressure point stress and boost circulation, ensuring a relaxed and effective oxygen treatment session.

Interior leather

A touch of class

The interior is wrapped in high-quality ecologic leather upholstery for the most comfortable and inviting feeling, together with a classy look.


Hyperbaric chamber - 2 seats

1 air compressor

2 oxygen concentrator units

1 air cooler



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